Thursday, 6 June 2013

NTU camp reflection- DAY 3

I had enjoyed the camp very well. We spent the free time touching up on our work, and although I did not win anything, I still had fun and learn how to use useful tools in photoshop.

I feel that the camp has been useful, as before the lesson, I did not know what masking and multiply tools were. I also learn on how to shade, by calculating where the light is shining, and finding out which part to lighten or darken. I think this will be useful for the next batch, by the enthusiasm my schoolmates showed during the presentation.

The programme taught me that certain elements and rules are need to be abided by. For example, if we put a light person in a dim background, it will look very fake as in real life, shadows will be cast by the person.

I think the programme overall was insightful and fun. I learnt a lot and hopefully, it will be available for the sec 2s next year. It was also very interesting to live in the hostels like the university students.

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