Wednesday, 5 June 2013

NTU flagship camp Individual Reflection- DAY 2

Today, we went to the ADM studio for our course. I was surprised and excited when I saw the equipment we were using. The computer had a screen which is about 20 inches wide, and there is a touch pen that would make drawing more efficient.

We were first shown the basic controls of adobe photoshop and examples of a photo composite. Basically, we were supposed to take a photo of ourselves in a pose, and using other images, shading and paint, we will make ourselves into anything.

We went to a room where we were assigned to take photos, which will be edited later on. Most of us were unsure of our poses, and for me, because I was unprepared. In the end, the pictures either had me with the wrong expression or blurred. Thus, I had to use up more time to remake the photos again. From this, I learned that to do things faster and save time, we have to certain of our plans and be prepared in advance.

When I started outlining the photo, I had trouble with tracing because my hand kept shaking, making the lines wobbly as I was rushing through my work as I started late. But I realised that this slowed down and pulled down the quality of the drawing, and I had to redo the tracing slowly so the lines would be smoother.

I also learn to be more responsible and alert. As if we forget to create a new layer when painting a new part, we may accidentally paint directly on the picture and ruin the whole painting. So thus,we must often check if we are painting on the desired layer to prevent mishaps from happening.

The session has taught me how to be steady when drawing, and to stay calm as if I worry, my hand will start to move and the drawing will be more wobbly. I also learnt that we have to consider elements like shadows, lighting and colours in order to have a better painting, or the painting will look unrealistic and out of place.

Overall, I found the painting lesson to be quite enjoyable and interesting. I hope to do more in the future, as I still have a lot to improve on. Thus, I will need to practise to improve my digital drawing skills.

Thank you! :)

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